Terms and Conditions

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Terms of use

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Hotel Tara deluxe's Website, located at http://www.hoteltara.in/.

1. These terms of use clearly specify your rights and duties while using the service. The use of our Apps "Kabtree" which will be used for availing the services provided by us (the “App”). The Website and the App are jointly referred to as the “Platform”. Before using the service you are advised to read all the terms of use carefully. By clicking on the I Agree you authorizes us to register you as a Registered User and you shall comply with all the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

2. This Platform is maintained and handled by RN Softwares and Consultors , a company having its registered office at 11th lane ,Rajarampuri Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Terms of Service

1. Kabtree shall not be liable for any defects in food. Kabtree in case determines the price and the availability of the product by its own.

2. All the prices and availability are made by the merchants. Any extra charges applicable such as container charges, restaurant charges, etc. are managed and controlled by the merchants.

3. Kabtree shall not deliver items in areas which fall outside the scope of the service. While adding the address, Kabtree shall determine such delivery availability.

4. You shall undertake to provide accurate directions and information at the time of the delivery to the delivery executive. If such delivery is not made within the required time due to the wrong information provided to the delivery executive, then in such case Kabtree shall not be held responsible and you shall bear the cancellation of late delivery.

Account Registration

A user shall be required to furnish the following details before using the Service/s of Kabtree. The user registers themselves from the App by providing the following details:


2.Mobile No.



5.Birth date

6.Anniversary date

3. At the time of the registration, the Platform will send an OTP to the mobile no and email address provided by the user. The user shall copy the OTP and put the same in the App. After the verification is complete, the account will be created.

4. Kabtree holds an exclusive right to terminate the account or block the account of the user anytime. If the user uses the Platform for any other purpose then in such case the Kabtree account shall be terminated or blocked without giving any prior notice to the user.

5. A user can create only one account with the same email address and mobile number.

6. A user can create an account by using third party verification. You can register yourself through your g-mail account. However, in such a case, the User shall verify the third-party account from the App. After successful verification, the account shall be created with the name as mentioned in such third-party account. The user shall confirm the mobile no in such case before placing an order.

7. Kabtree shall not be responsible for any late delivery/cancellation due to the wrong information provided by the user. If the user does not provide correct information, then in such case Kabtree can delete the account of such user.

8.In case any account is blocked or deleted by the Kabtree then the user shall not be eligible to create another account with the same number and email address

Cancellation and refund


1. A user shall not be entitled to cancel any order after it has been confirmed by the merchant. Any cancellation made after the confirmation shall be subject to a cancellation fee up to the amount of order placed. Such cancellation fee shall be updated in the App in the outstanding section and the user before placing the next order shall clear such outstanding.

2. A user shall before the confirmation of the order can contact the customer executive of Kabtree to cancel their order. If the user is unable to contact the customer executive at that time then such information shall be made through email.

3. Kabtree holds an exclusive right to cancel the order of the user in an unavoidable condition. Intimation of such cancellation shall be made by the customer executive of Kabtree through the mobile number provided in the Platform. In such a case, no cancellation fee will be charged and the user can place the order again.

Bookings and Financial Terms

The Kabtree Platform allows you to place/cancel/modify your order. A user can place the order by selecting the Food provider and the Kabtree item offered by them.

Every order shall be confirmed by the hotel within ten minutes from placing the order. If such confirmation is not made by the merchant then Kabtree has the exclusive right to cancel the order.

Kabtree accepts payments through debit card/net banking/paytm and cash on delivery.

Contact us

You can contact us for any query regarding this Platform. For query related to the App, please contact:

Contact no-0230-2421664