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Special Offers

Friendship Day

Hotel Tara presents special offers for Friendship Day. This Friendship Day gather all your friends and make sure you make the most of their offers on drinks also on dinner.You can have the perfect day this Friendship Day with the best of drinks and food only at Tara Hotel

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is celebrated with much joy all over the world . Make the day, extra special by taking your date out for a romantic candle light dinner with soulful music, candles, & of course delicious food.. It’s a best place to have candle light dinner with your valentine. Hotel Tara organizes special Valentine's Day buffets & candle light dinner.

Nothing can turn out as romantic as a candlelight..Whether it's your girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, brother, sister or any other loved one, Valentine's Day is all about expressing your love. Happy Valentine's Day..! Enjoy with your valentine our delicious cuisines, and comfortable services only at tara..

Seafood Festival

Sea food is a festival celebrated at around Dec 2 nd week.

Yummy sea food presented eyecathingly; all the dishes are prepared by specially invited chefs. The festival is celebrated in the presence of celebrities from acting field. Sizzlers, variety of rice items and yummy curry and gravies are specialties of the festival. The all raw food required is purchased directly from Harbor. So all you get is fresh and yummy variety food.

Kebab & Grill Festival

Come and enjoy our Kebab and Grill festival with mouth watering food items like, fish meet chicken, paneer kebab. We invite renowned master chefs at your service. The items serviced are All types of veg and non veg paneer.

All grill dishes are specially presented with different sauce. Celebrities are invited and the evenings are made lively with Karaoke music. WE even held special competition like women recipe day. We run different discount offers too. This festival is mostly run on July 2 nd week.

31st Night

We are here to make your welcome to New Year in most memorable way. You may enjoy the year end with karaoke songs, Aurkestra , Funny games, buffet lunch, Ala-cart Parcel facilities. Unlimited open entertainment for continuous two days.

Kolhapuri Mahotsav

Kolhapur is famous for its unique Tambda Pandra Rassa and Mutton items. We celebrate Kolhapuri Mohotsav presenting you tambda pandra rassa, mutton kali, mutton Khima, Bharleli Kombdi, Bharlela waga, kand behsan, all types of Bhakari, all types of Kolhapur Rice.

Sizzler Festival

Sizzler festival is mostly celebrated during February. We present all types of veg and non veg sizzlers like chicken magnet, veg sizzler, chicken sizzler, mix veg and non veg sizzler. The all dishes are prepared by specially invited international chefs. The specialty is that these sizzlers are served with variety of mock tails.

Biryani Festival

Biryani is something any one would prefer to taste as many times. We present all types of biryanis like, chicken dum biryani, mutton biryani, kashmiri pulav. The dishes are made by specially invited Masterchefs from Punjab and Haryana. Non veg dry snacks are presented mutton dry chicken dry fried chicken, fried mutton. All types of Puloa Biryani, fried rice, dal Khicdi curd rice, Pulav rice.